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Dealing with Holiday Debt

With Christmas wrapping up and a new year ringing in, finances can be tight. The holidays are a joyous time filled with warmth, friends, and family – but this often means parties and gift giving. Many people are not prepared for the spending and expenses that the holidays create. It is not unusual to incur holiday debt from spending on gifts, parties, get togethers, or traveling. In these instances, credit cards and loans are often ...
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When School Supplies Add Up

We’re already 3 days into August, which means its officially “Back to School” season! You’ve probably seen school supplies lists popping up in local stores, social media pages, and welcome back packets for parents. Overwhelmed a little? It’s normal, especially with multiple children in school. Although these lists are sent out entirely to prepare your children for a fun and successful year, supplies can add up. Here’s a few ways to save some money and ...
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The Best Financial Advice We Ever Received

You’ve heard it, you learn it, or you live by it: financial advice. This week, we asked the GLFFCU staff what the best financial advice they’ve ever received is. Not surprisingly, lots of great advice came from our dads. Here’s a few pieces of advice we gathered: “Always make sure to pay yourself first…also, Christmas is not an emergency. It comes every year so prepare for it.” – Holly, Loan Manager “My dad always told ...
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Combat Debit Card Fraud

Have you ever checked your monthly statement or online banking and been upset to see a charge that you didn’t authorize appear? Unfortunately, this happens to many consumers for a number of reasons. The alarming part about debit card fraud is that if there one authorized charge, you are unsure what other charges can appear. “So, how does debit card fraud even occur?” This is the most common question we receive from our members in ...
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What You Might Not Know About Credit Unions

Wherever you live, you’re probably surrounded by lots of different banking options. Most places have a variety of banks and credit unions, all with their own unique offerings and benefits. With all the options, how are you ever supposed to pick? Choosing an institution to start building a relationship with is a big decision, and it’s the reason some feel intimidated to open accounts. Since you’re surrounded by options, we want to make the path ...
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5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

It’s the age old question: “how can I increase my credit score?” If we’re already two steps ahead of you, lets backtrack for a minute. According to Experian, “credit is borrowed money that you can use to purchase goods and services when you need them. You get credit from a credit grantor, whom you agree to pay back the amount you spent, plus applicable finance charges, at an agreed-upon time.” Your credit score is a unique ...
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Get Exclusive Deals for Being a Credit Union Member

At GLFFCU, we’ve partnered with Love My Credit Union to provide our members with some great savings! Through Love My Credit Union, you can get serious discounts on products like TurboTax, TruSage auto and home insurance programs, ADT home security systems, Love to Shop, and Sprint! Although we just finished tax season, in the future you can sign up for TurboTax through the link on our website and save up to $15.00 on products. When you’re ...
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Youth Month is Important for Parents, Too

Every year, the Credit Union National Association chooses a theme for youth month, which takes place in April. Credit unions nation-wide are encouraged to emphasize the importance of saving to their current (and future) youth members. The chosen theme for 2018 is “The Science of Saving.”  At GLFFCU, we are encouraging kids to come and join our Youth Club. Any child 0-12 who open a NEW youth account or deposits $25 into an existing Youth ...
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5 Ways to Refresh Your Finances This Spring

The first day of Spring is March 20th, and it can’t come soon enough. You might be thinking of all the spring cleaning in your future: prepping the yard for summer, cleaning out the garage, and scrubbing down every corner of the house…but have you thought of your finances? Spring is the perfect time of year to take a detailed look at your financial situation, when your mind is centered on getting a fresh start, ...
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