Fraud Prevention

We have seen an influx of fraud and scams affecting our members and community.


Let’s cover some quick tips to protect yourself and your finances.

  • Never send money via gift card or wire transfer to someone you have never met face to face.
  • Avoid clicking on links or opening attachments in unsolicited emails or text messages.
  • Offers that sound to good to be true are too good to be true.
  • Scammers are always evolving. They often imitate official logos and legitimate businesses. PAUSE and do your own research before acting.
  • When shopping online make sure the site is secure. Look for the HTTPS in the URL. S = Secure.

As always GLFFCU is here for you and all of your financial needs. If you believe you have been victim of a financial fraud please call us immediately, 906-786-4623!

For more information on how to Spot a Scam visit the Better Business Bureau link website below…

Spot a Scam